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Jodi Baker-Hutchinson, Clinical Social Work/Therapist,  LCSW

Founder of Chesapeake Counseling Center and Licensed Psychotherapist

Jodi S. Baker-Hutchinson, LCSW

In my own life, I was born with a natural gift to connect to others, a strong desire to understand human suffering and to work with people to alleviate psychological and emotional pain. This desire led me to travel to Bali Indonesia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Australia observing other cultures, their way of living, thinking and associated values and traditions. I was absolutely mesmerized by the eastern values, ways of thinking and methods of working toward a life of self actualization.

I often felt a disconnect when working in the business world, as my undergrad degree is in business. I never felt motivated by numbers, sales goals and the like. I had a natural connection to people on a higher level and felt that God gave me a gift to serve and to heal others. I had a calling to become a helper, a healer and encourager to help pave the way for people to find their own inner light again. After many years exploring and trying to find my path to accomplish this goal, I went back to get my masters in social work shortly after my first son was born. I made the decision to follow my path to become a licensed psychotherapist. I started to devote my life to the internal pursuit of mental health and self actualization, living a life aligned with these values.

My mission is to share my knowledge and tools that I have acquired over the last 18 years with as many people that I can.
I believe in helping people live and grow to their true potential, and I would love to assist you in your journey of growth, healing, and awakening.

My Approach

I practice from a Holistic perspective as I believe in the mind/body connection and healing starting from this point. I work to empower the people I work with as true change happens in this way. We all suffer on some level and sometimes we stand in our own way, underestimating our ability to heal. Unconditional love toward self, creating a vision and working on decreasing the negative thoughts that cause depression, anxiety, low self-esteem is what I incorporate into my therapy sessions.

I utilize an Existential Therapy approach, CBT and EMDR therapy to incorporate change and a shift in perspective. I believe in Faith Over Fear. Operating from a place of Love, Grace and Gratitude. These serve as a guide for our work together to align with your values, to live a self-directed, empowered and authentic life.