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Thank you in advance for buying through these links. The commission that we get from promoting resources is used to help those who are not always able to afford counseling services.

We recommend only what we love.

Helpful Books:

Somebody Should Have Told Us by Jack Pransky
Unfuk Yourself
The Power of Anger
The Dance of Anger
You Are Not Your Brain
How to Make Sh*t Happen
Toward a Psychology of Awakening
An Unquiet Mind


Anti-Anxiety Toolkit

The Feeling Good Handbook
A Mind of Your Own-Kelly Brogan
Empath by AC Drexel
The Depression Cure By Stephen Ilardi
The Happiness Trap
Nutrient Power by William Walsh
Nutrition and Mental Illness
Depression Free Naturally by John Larson

Amazon Music For Healing:

Olivia Newton John-Grace and Gratitude

Recommended Apps & Sites:
Smiling Mind