Laughing Out Loud

Sometimes in life we just have to stop to laugh out loud. Last night I was talking to a good friend of mine,  a former chaplain that I worked with in Hospice for several years. He knows me like my closest friends know me and this is so therapeutic  because I’m often very hard to understand (LOL).  So we were talking  and a while back I sent him this picture (hope I can find it and post it here) stating this is exactly me. We still laugh about it to this day and last night he suggested that I title my blog “Living in an Upside Down World…My Viewpoint on True Happiness.”  OOOOOMMMMGGGGG——did this hit home or what????!!! This truly articulated so much and had me cracking up because if you know me this is pretty much how I live my life!

I’ve always been different than most and even reflecting back to high school days there was never one particular group or category of people that I fit in with. I always tried to get along with everyone, except the bully Greenfield girls that decided I would become their target for whatever reason. Thank God I had a big sister that was much tougher than myself that I called in tears one day after a girl tried to flick a cigarette in my hair in the school bathroom. I was in 11th grade attending an inner city high school in Pittsburgh. It was rough at times. Anyways, my sister came up to the school, followed this girl home and lets just say gave her a nice “talking to”! That girl never messed with me again.

But anyways—where was I?? Oh yeah, finding happiness in an upside world and learning to laugh at ourselves. Laughter is the best medicine anyway, at least in my Holistic mind (we”ll get more into this in a later post btw) So yes, I’ve always been unique and I guess trying to find my place, but never seemed to find it….but now I can embrace this in my own life. Do any of us really “fit in?” I guess some of us learn to conform more than others and as I told Gary my friend last night that maybe I need to learn to be more “diplomatic” like he was. But I just can’t change who I really am and instead have learned to embrace my wholeness with quirks and all. I definitely don’t live a traditional lifestyle, but it suits me. It feels right. It serves me. AT least for the time being.

So I ask—Are you living in an Authentic place? Are you embracing your quirks and laughing out loud at yourself? Who knows—maybe it’s just me, but I sure hope not. But I’ll continue to laugh out loud anyway and trust in my OWN journey that I can call My OWN and embrace it. We are all only given one shot at this thing called life, so design it the way you imagine. Be Free. Try it–Hang upside down for a little while:)

Do what sets your soul on fire.

Much Love xoxoxoxo